Шифр: T20000606/2000/Vol. 22/N 2

Text [Текст] : an interdisciplinary journal for the study of discourse. - ISSN 0165-4888. - Выходит ежеквартально
2002г. Vol. 22 N 2
Abel, J. Mad cows and British politicians: The role of scientific and national identities in managing blame for the BSE crisis / J. Abel. - С.173-198
Кл.слова: accountability, political debate
Evaldsson, A. -C. Boy's gossip telling: Staging identities and indexing (unacceptable) masculine behavior / A.-C. Evaldsson. - С.199-225
Кл.слова: occasion-specific identities, indexing masculine behavior
Graham, Ph. Predication and propagation: A method for analysing evaluative meaning in technology policy / Ph. Graham. - С.227-268
Кл.слова: knowledge economy policy, political economy of communication, critical theory
Poveda, D. Quico's story: An ethnopoetic analysis of a Gypsy boy's narrative at school / D. Poveda. - С.269-300
Кл.слова: classroom interaction, minority education
Scott, S. Linguistic feature variation within disagreements: An empirical investigation / S. Scott. - С.301-328
Кл.слова: conflict, conversational analysis, oral discourse analysis
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