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   D 267

    Advances in the science of cholesterol management [Электронный ресурс] : a clinical overview. - Электрон. текстовые дан. - London : AstraZeneca, 2001. - 1 электрон. опт. диск (CD-ROM) : col. - (Our vision. At the heart of better vascular health). - Систем. требования: Windows 2000;. - Загл. с этикетки диска. - 8 грн.
Перевод заглавия: Успехи науки по менеджменту холестерина.

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   S 9040

    World report on knowledge for better health [Текст] : strengthening health systems / World Health Organization. - Geneva : WHO, 2004. - XVI; 146 p. - Ref. after chap. - ISBN 92 4 156281 1 : 15 грн.
Перевод заглавия: Всемирный отчет по сведениям об улучшении здоровья.

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World Health Organization
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Шифр: N3/2001/16/3

NEPHROLOGY, DIALYSIS, TRANSPLANTATION [Текст]/ European Dialysis and Transplant Association. - Oxford : Oxford University Press. - ISSN 0931-0509. - Выходит ежемесячно
2001г. Vol. 16 N 3
Wagner, J. Potential role of retinoids in the therapy of renal disease. / J. Wagner. - P.441-444
Rostoker, G. Increased intestinal intra-epithelial T lymphocytes in primary glomerulonephritis. / G. Rostoker, J.-Ch. Delchier, M.-T. Chaumette. - P.513-517
Adult height and proteinuria in type 2 diabetes. - P.525-528
Prognostic implications of retinopathy and a high plasma von Willebrand factor concentration in type 2 diabetic subjects with microalbuminuria. - P.529-536
Renal vascular changes in renal disease independent of hypertension. - P.537-541
Mesna : a novel renoprotective antioxidant in ischaemic acute renal failure. - P.542-551
Shilliday, I. R. Intraplatelet calcium levels in patients with acute renal failure before and after the administration of loop diuretics. / F. Locatelli, J. Bommer, G. London; V. Chetboul, B. Klonjkowski, H. Lefebyre; S. Paci-Bonaventure, A. Hafi, I. Vincent ; F. Locatelli, J. Bommer, G. London; V. Chetboul, B. Klonjkowski, H. Lefebyre; S. Paci-Bonaventure, A. Hafi, I. Vincent. - P.552-555
Resting energy expenditure in pre-dialysis diabetic patients. - P.556-560
Biomarkers DNA damage in patients with end-stage renal disease:mitochondrial DNA mutation in hair follicles. - P.561-565
Differences in heart rate variability parameters during the post-dialytic period in type 2 diabetic and non-diabetic ESRD patients. - P.566-573
Dehydroascorbic asid and oxidative stress in haemodialysis patients. - P.574-579
Difference in the homocysteine-lowering effect of folic asid in haemodialysis patients with and without occlusive vascular disease. - P.585-589
Prevention of haemodialysis-induced hypotension by biofeedback control of ultrafiltration and infusion. - P.595-603
Comparison of infectious complications in peritoneal dialysis patients using either a twen-bag system or automated peritoneal dialysis. - P.604-607
Schunkert, H. A heart price to pay for anaemia / A.M. Karkar, J. Smith, C.D. Pusey; A. Trevino-Becerra ; A.M. Karkar, J. Smith, C.D. Pusey; A. Trevino-Becerra. - P.445-447
Llach, F. The evolving pattern of calciphylaxis : therapeutic considerations. / P. Barany, P. Stenvinkel, A. Ottosson-Seeberger; C. Basile, R. Giordano, A. Montanaro ; P. Barany, P. Stenvinkel, A. Ottosson-Seeberger; C. Basile, R. Giordano, A. Montanaro. - P.448-451
A.Chiolero. Renal determinants of the salt sensitivity of blood pressure. / J. Bohe, M.-O. Joly, W. Arkouche; T. Yamauchi, T. Kuno, N. Takada ; J. Bohe, M.-O. Joly, W. Arkouche; T. Yamauchi, T. Kuno, N. Takada. - P.452-458
Locatelli, F. Cardiovascular disease determinants in chronic renal failure: clinical approach and treatment. / V. Chetboul, B. Klonjkowski, H. Lefebyre; S. Paci-Bonaventure, A. Hafi, I. Vincent ; V. Chetboul, B. Klonjkowski, H. Lefebyre; S. Paci-Bonaventure, A. Hafi, I. Vincent. - P.459-468
Schomig, M. Controversy on optimal blood pressure on haemodialysis: normotensive blood pressure values are essential for survival. / N. Joss, M. Boulton-Jones, I. More; H. Izzedine, V. Launay-Vacher, G. Deray ; N. Joss, M. Boulton-Jones, I. More; H. Izzedine, V. Launay-Vacher, G. Deray. - P.469-474
London, G. Controversy on optimal blood pressure on haemodialysis: lower is not always better. / R.Y. Gohh, P.E. Morrissey, P.N. Madras; L.B. Brydak, M. Roszkowska-Bliam, M. Machala ; R.Y. Gohh, P.E. Morrissey, P.N. Madras; L.B. Brydak, M. Roszkowska-Bliam, M. Machala. - P.475-478
Sasaki, N. Glucocorticoid decreases circulating osteoprotegerin (OPG) : possible mechanism for glucocorticoid induced osteoporosis / M. Davies, P. Griffiths, Ph. White; J.P. Traynor, D. Walbaum, Y.V. Woo ; M. Davies, P. Griffiths, Ph. White; J.P. Traynor, D. Walbaum, Y.V. Woo. - P.479-482
Horio, M. Apoptosis indused by hypertonicity in Madin Darley canine kidney cells: protective effect of betaine. / C.W. Yang, J.H. Park, J.Hee. Park; C. Jacobs ; C.W. Yang, J.H. Park, J.Hee. Park; C. Jacobs. - P.483-490
Akimoto, T. Erythropoietin modulates angiotensin ll-or noradrenaline-induced Ca2+ mobilization in cultured rat vascular smooth-muscle cells. / F. Praetorius, G. Altrock, N. Blees ; F. Praetorius, G. Altrock, N. Blees. - P.491-499
Fornoni, A. Cyclosporin A affects extracellular matrix synthesis and degradation by mouse MC3T3-E1 osteoblasts in vitro. / D. Rommel, Y. Pirson ; D. Rommel, Y. Pirson. - P.500-505
Jara, A. Failure of high doses of calcitriol and hypercalcaemia to induce apoptosis in hyperplastic parathyroid glands of azotaemic rats. / R.Dodi, A. Kumar, B. Chang ; R.Dodi, A. Kumar, B. Chang. - P.506-512.
Karkar, A. M. Prevention and treatment of experimental crescentic glomerulonephritis by blocking tumour necrosis factor-alfa. / A. Trevino-Becerra ; A. Trevino-Becerra. - P.518-524
Barany, P. Effect of 6 weeks of vitamin E administration on renal haemodynamic alterations following a single dose of neoral in healthy volunteers. / C. Basile, R. Giordano, A. Montanaro ; C. Basile, R. Giordano, A. Montanaro. - P.580-584.
Bohe, J. Haemodialysis with the biocompatible high permeability AN-69 membrane does not alter plasma insulin-like growth factor-l and insulin-like growth factor binding protein-3. / T. Yamauchi, T. Kuno, N. Takada ; T. Yamauchi, T. Kuno, N. Takada. - P.590-594
Chetboul, V. Short-term afficiency and safety of gene delivery into canine kidneys. / S. Paci-Bonaventure, A. Hafi, I. Vincent ; S. Paci-Bonaventure, A. Hafi, I. Vincent. - P.608-614
Joss, N. Premature ageing and glomerulonephritis. / H. Izzedine, V. Launay-Vacher, G. Deray ; H. Izzedine, V. Launay-Vacher, G. Deray. - P.615-618
Gohh, R. Y. Controversies in organ donation:the altruistic living donor. / L.B. Brydak, M. Roszkowska-Bliam, M. Machala ; L.B. Brydak, M. Roszkowska-Bliam, M. Machala. - P.619-621
Davies, M. Tumour-like calcinosis causing reversible tetraparesis in patient on continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis. / J.P. Traynor, D. Walbaum, Y.V. Woo ; J.P. Traynor, D. Walbaum, Y.V. Woo. - P.622-624
Yang, C. W. Acute graft dysfunction due to Kaposi sarcoma involving the bladder in a renal transplant recipient. / C. Jacobs ; C. Jacobs. - P.625-627
Praetorius, F. Acute renal failure after an unusual mode of infection with falciparum malaria ("baggage malaria"). / F. Praetorius, G. Altrock, N. Blees. - P.628-630
A patient with neurological deficits and seizures after renal transplantation. - P.631-633
Rommel, D. Medillary sponge kidney-part of a congenital syndrome. / D. Rommel, Y. Pirson. - P.634-636
R.Dodi. Candidal endophthalmitis in a renal transplant patient, / R.Dodi, A. Kumar, B. Chang. - P.637-638
Trevino-Becerra, A. Hypertriglyceridaemia and hyperuricaemia in IgA nephropathy:Letters. / A. Trevino-Becerra. - P.639
Basile, C. Bilateral venous thoracic outlet syndrome in a haemodialysis patient with long-standing body buildihg activities: Letters. / C. Basile, R. Giordano, A. Montanaro. - P.639-640
Yamauchi, T. The impact of Trp64Arg mutation in the beta3-adrenergic receptor gene on haemodialysis patient:Letters. / T. Yamauchi, T. Kuno, N. Takada. - P.641-642
Paci-Bonaventure, S. Lack of removal of nelfinavir a haemodialysis session in an HIV infectid patient with hepatic and renal insufficiency: Letters. / S. Paci-Bonaventure, A. Hafi, I. Vincent
Izzedine, H. Pharmacokinetics of ritonavir and nevirapine in peritoneal dialysis: Letters. / H. Izzedine, V. Launay-Vacher, G. Deray. - P.643
Brydak, L. B. Immunological response to influenza vaccination in children with renal failure: Letters. / L.B. Brydak, M. Roszkowska-Bliam, M. Machala. - P.643-644
Traynor, J. P. Low-dose warfarin fails to prolong survival of dual lumen venous dialysis catheters: Letters. / J.P. Traynor, D. Walbaum, Y.V. Woo. - P.645
Jacobs, C. Composition and management of hemodialysis fluids: Book review. / C. Jacobs. - P.646
Animal models of peritoneal dialysis.Based on a symposium at the 3rd International Meeting on animal models in peritoneal dialysis,Madrid,April 2000. - P.647-685
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Шифр: N7/2001/345/23

NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL of MEDICINE [Текст]. - Waltham, 1928 - . - ISSN 0028-4793. - Выходит дважды в месяц
2001г. Vol. 345 N 23
This week in the journal. - P.1653-1654
Nephrectomy followed by interferon alfa-2b compared with interferon alfa-2b alone for metastatic renal-cell cancer. - P.1655-1659
Fluconazole prophylaxis against fungal colonization and infection in preterm infants. - P.1660-1666
Cohn, J. N. A randomized trial of the angiotensin-receptor blocker valsartan in chronic heart failure. / L.A. Fleisher, K.A. Eagle; I.F. Tannock ; L.A. Fleisher, K.A. Eagle; I.F. Tannock. - P.1667-1675
Hunsaker, R. P. Renal-cell carcinoma extending into the vena cava and right side of the heart. / S. Kumar, M.G. Sarr, P.S. Kamath; R.G. Frank, H.H. Goldman, T.G. McGutre ; S. Kumar, M.G. Sarr, P.S. Kamath; R.G. Frank, H.H. Goldman, T.G. McGutre. - P.1676
Kessler, A. T. Liver abscess due to eikenella corrodens from a fishbone. / K.T. Weber ; K.T. Weber. - P.e5
Fleisher, L. A. Lowering cardiac risk in noncardiac surgery. / I.F. Tannock ; I.F. Tannock. - P.1677-1682
Kumar, S. Current concepts : Mesenteric venous thrombosis. / R.G. Frank, H.H. Goldman, T.G. McGutre ; R.G. Frank, H.H. Goldman, T.G. McGutre. - P.1683-1688
Weber, K. T. Mechanisms of disease : Aldosterone in congestive heart failure. / K.T. Weber. - P.1689-1698
Tannock, I. F. Editorial : Removing the primary tumor after the cancer has spread. / I.F. Tannock. - P.1699-1700
Frank, R. G. Will parity in coverage result in better mental health care ? / R.G. Frank, H.H. Goldman, T.G. McGutre. - P.1701-1704
Information for authors. - P.1705
Correspondence : Ovarian cancer, oral contraceptives, and BRCA mutations. - P.1706
Correspondence : Autoimmune diseases. - P.1707
Correspondence : The coxibs,selective inhibitors of cyclooxygenase-2. - P.1708
Correspondence : Medical mystery - the answer. - P.1709
Correspondence : Web sites and misinformation about illicit drugs. - P.1710
Correspondence : Nephrectomy and interleukin -2 for metastatic renal-cell carcinoma. - P.1711
Book reviews. - P.1713
Notices. - P.1714-1715
Corrections : Treatment of chronic hepatitis C in active drug users. - P.1716
Corrections : Effects of clopidogrel in addition to aspirin in patients with acute coronary syndromes without ST-segment elevation. - P.1716
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    Zisman, A.
    Reevaluation of the 1997 TNM classification for renal cell carcinoma:TI and T2 cutoff point at 4,5 rathet than 7 cm.better correlates with clinical outcome. [Текст] / A. Zisman, A. Pantuck, D. Chao // JOURNAL of UROLOGY. - 2001. - Vol.166, N1. - Bibliogr.:17 ref. - Пер. изд. : Переоценка классификации TNM 1997 для почечно-клеточной карциномы: культя в 4,5 см коррелируется с лучшим клиническим исходом,чем в 7 см в стадиях Т1 и Т 2.

Доп.точки доступа:
Pantuck, A.; Chao, D.

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Шифр: j18/2001/166/1

JOURNAL of UROLOGY [Текст]. - New York. - Выходит ежемесячно
2001г. Vol. 166 N 1
Gillenwater, J. Y. This month in Clinical Urology. / J.Y. Gillenwater. - P.1-2
Atala, A. This month in investigative Urology. / A. Atala. - P.3-4
Gillenwater, J. Y. Editorial. / J.Y. Gillenwater. - P.5-6
Uzzo, R. G. Nephron sparing surgery for renal tumors: indications,techniques and outcomes. / R.G. Uzzo, A.C. Novich. - P.6-18
Pelvic lymph node metastases from bladder cancer: outcome in 83 patients after ragical cystectomy and pelvic lymphadenectomy. - P.19-23
Multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1 and adrenal lesions. - P.24-27
Chang, C. C. In vitro study of ultrasound based real-time tracking of renal stones for shock wave lithotripsy: part 1. / O.E. Fugita, C. Dinleng, L. Kavoussi; D.T. Beiko, A. Morales; S.V. Romano, A. Casabe, A. Bechara ; O.E. Fugita, C. Dinleng, L. Kavoussi; D.T. Beiko, A. Morales; S.V. Romano, A. Casabe, A. Bechara. - P.28-32
Liou, L. S. Long-term renal functional affects of shock wave lithotripsy,percutaneous nephrolithotomy and combination therapy: acomparative study of patients with solitary kidney. / S.J. Freedland, A.S. Belldegrun; P.N. Kolettis, E.S. Sabanegh; A.F. Fergany, I.S. Gill, J.H. Kaouk ; S.J. Freedland, A.S. Belldegrun; P.N. Kolettis, E.S. Sabanegh; A.F. Fergany, I.S. Gill, J.H. Kaouk. - P.33-37
Experience with retroperitoneal laparoscopic adrenalectomy in 115 procedures. - P.38-41
Laparoscopic bilateral hand assisted nephrectomy for autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease: initial experience. - P.42-47
Extraperitoneal laparoscopic pyeloplasty: a multicenter study of 55 procedures. - P.48-50
Fugita, O. E. The laparoscopic boari flap. / D.T. Beiko, A. Morales; S.V. Romano, A. Casabe, A. Bechara ; D.T. Beiko, A. Morales; S.V. Romano, A. Casabe, A. Bechara. - P.51-53
Adrenal sparing surgery during radical nephrectomy in patients with renal cell cancer: a new algorithm. - P.59-62
A postoperative prognostic nomogram for renal cell carcinoma. - P.63-67
Lack of retroperitoneal lymphadenopathy predicts survival of patients with metastatie renal cell carcinoma. - P.68-72
Freedland, S. J. Editorial: Towards kidney cancer crystal ball ,better prognostication of patients with renal cell carcinoma. / P.N. Kolettis, E.S. Sabanegh; A.F. Fergany, I.S. Gill, J.H. Kaouk ; P.N. Kolettis, E.S. Sabanegh; A.F. Fergany, I.S. Gill, J.H. Kaouk. - P.73-74
Screening and monitoring for bladder cancer: refining the use of NMP22. - P.75-78
Partial cystectomy during radical surgery for nonurological malignancy. - P.79-81
Carey, J. M. Transrectal ultrasound guided biopsy of the prostate.Do enemas decrease clinically significant complications? / S.S. Gholami, B/ Shekarriz, D. Rudnick; Fu-Lin Chang, Ming-Derg Lai ; S.S. Gholami, B/ Shekarriz, D. Rudnick; Fu-Lin Chang, Ming-Derg Lai. - P.82-85
Prostate cancer diagnosis using a saturation needle biopsy technique after previous negative sextant biopsies. - P.86-92
Reevaluation of the 1997 TNM classification for renal cell carcinoma: T1 and T2 cutoff poind at 4,5 rather than 7 cm.better correlates with clinical outcome. - P.54-58.
Serial prostate specific antigen, free-to-total prostate specific antigen ratio and complexed prostate specific antigen for the diagnosis of prostate cancer. - P.93-99
Zafar, M. B. Prostate cancer detection in veterans with a history of agent orange exposure. / I.S. Gill, D.P. Murphi, T.H.S. Hsu; X. Liu, Ch.-Sh. Lin, T. Graziottin ; I.S. Gill, D.P. Murphi, T.H.S. Hsu; X. Liu, Ch.-Sh. Lin, T. Graziottin. - P.100-103
Relationship between systematic biopsies and histological features of 222 radical prostatectomy specimens: lack of prediction of tumor significance for men with nonpalpable prostate cancer. - P.104-110
Is anastomotic biopsy necessary before radiotherapy after radical prostatectomy?. - P.111-115
20-year outcome of patients with T1-3NO surgically staged prostate cancer treated with external beam radiation therapy. - P.116-118
Gunshot wounds to the ureter: a 40-year experience at grady memorial hospital. - P.119-121
Сhoe, J. M. Genetic material is present in cada veric dermis and cada veric fascia lata. / Y. Furuya, Sh. Cho, Sh. Onta; A.J. Schaeffer ; Y. Furuya, Sh. Cho, Sh. Onta; A.J. Schaeffer. - P.122-124
Interexaminer reliability of transrectal ultrasound for estimating prostate volume. - P.125-129
Intermittent catherization with a prelubricated catheter in spinal cord injured patients: a prospective randomized crossover study. - P.130-133
Use of the neodymium:YAG laser for intestitial cystitis: a prospective study. - P.134-136
Beiko, D. T. Percutaneous aspiration and sclerotherapy for treatment of spermatoceles. / S.V. Romano, A. Casabe, A. Bechara ; S.V. Romano, A. Casabe, A. Bechara. - P.137-139
A short-term,multicenter,randomized doubleblind dose titration study of the efficacy and anticholinergic side effects of transdermal compared to immediate release oral oxybutynin treatment of patients with urge urinary incontinence. - P.140-145
A crossover randomized trial of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation and oxybutynin in patients with detrusor instability. - P.146-149
Editorial: Improving conservative treatment of overactive bladder and urge incontinence-1 small step at a time. - P.150-151
Kuo, Hann-Chorng. Anatomical and functional results of pubovaginal sling procedure using polypropylene mesh for the treatment of stress urinary incontinence. / L. Gonzaga, F. Filho, J. Carnevale ; L. Gonzaga, F. Filho, J. Carnevale. - P.152-157
Bernie, J. E. The intravesical potassium sensitivity test and urodynamics: implications in a large cohort of patients with lower urinary tract symptoms. / L. Nemeth, D.S. O"briain, P. Puri ; L. Nemeth, D.S. O"briain, P. Puri. - P.158-161
Hahn, R. Smoking increases the risk of large scale fluid absorption during transurethral prostatic resection. / A. Yamataka, K. Wang, H. Kobayashi ; A. Yamataka, K. Wang, H. Kobayashi. - P.162-165
Transurethral prostatic resection or laser therapy foe men with acute urinary retention:The CLaaP randomized trial. - P.166-171
A prospective study of the safety and efficacy of suprapubic transvesical prostatectomy in patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia. - P.172-176
Editorial:Surgical management of benign prostatic hyperplasia in 2001-A pause for thought. - P.177
Kolettis, P. N. Significant medical pathology discovered during a male infertility evaluation. / A.F. Fergany, I.S. Gill, J.H. Kaouk ; A.F. Fergany, I.S. Gill, J.H. Kaouk. - P.178-180
A new method for the evaluation of erectile dysfunction: sildenafil plus Doppler ultrasonography. - P.181-184
A comparison of dermal and cadaveric pericardial grafts in the modefied Horton-Devine procedure for Peyronie"s disease. / R.A. Rendon, M.R. Gertner, M.D. Sherar
Dahm, Ph. Indications for admission to the surgical intensive care unit after radical cystectomy and urinary diversion. / N.K. Garlie, R.E. Siebenlist, A.V. Lefever ; N.K. Garlie, R.E. Siebenlist, A.V. Lefever. - P.189-193
Gholami, S. S. The laparoscopic cigarette sponge. / Fu-Lin Chang, Ming-Derg Lai ; Fu-Lin Chang, Ming-Derg Lai. - P.194
Nouira, Y. The pre-looped intracorporeal knot: a new technique for knot tying in laparoscopic surgery. / K.-D. Sievert, M.E. Bakircioglu, T. Tsai ; K.-D. Sievert, M.E. Bakircioglu, T. Tsai. - P.195-197
Pautler, S.E. An articulating retractor holder to facilitate laparoscopic adrenalectomy and nephrectomy. / M. Meen, M.-A. Coudore-Civiale, A. Eschalier ; M. Meen, M.-A. Coudore-Civiale, A. Eschalier. - P.198-199
Robot assisted laparoscopic nephrectomy. - P.200-201
Short-term changes in renal function after extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy in children. - P.222-224
Lee, P. A. No relationship of testicular size at orchiopexy with fertility in men who previously had unilateral cryptorchidism. / Y. Nakahira, H. Hashitani, H. Fukuta ; Y. Nakahira, H. Hashitani, H. Fukuta. - P.236-239
Parental preferences in the management of vesicoureteral reflux. - P.240-243
Excretion of bikunin and its fragments in the urine of patients with renal stones. - P.268-274
Gill, I. S. Laparoscopic repair of renal aftery aneurysm. / X. Liu, Ch.-Sh. Lin, T. Graziottin ; X. Liu, Ch.-Sh. Lin, T. Graziottin. - P.202-205
Wu, N. Z. Simplified ureteral stent placement with the assistance of a ureteral access sheath. / P.C. Walsh ; P.C. Walsh. - P.206-208
Watterson, J. D. Percutaneous nephrolithotomy of a pelvic kidney: a posterior approach through the greater sciatic foramen. / C.L. Siegel ; C.L. Siegel. - P.209-210
Smith, M. R. Gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist failure in a men with prostate cancer. / D.A. Canning ; D.A. Canning. - P.211
Teh, B. S. Perineal prostatic cancer seeding following radioactive seed brachytherapy. / J.A. Smith ; J.A. Smith. - P.212
Furuya, Y. High dose hook effect in serum total and free prostate specific antigen in a patient with metastatic prostate cancer. / A.J. Schaeffer ; A.J. Schaeffer. - P.213
Wang, C. J. Followup of primary malignant melanoma of the prostate. / S.A. Kaplan ; S.A. Kaplan. - P.214
Raza, A. Penile necrosis secondary to spontaneous penile torsion. / S.J. Kogan, R.B. Nadler ; S.J. Kogan, R.B. Nadler. - P.215
Novotny, M. Ureteral obstruction due to colonic duplication. / M. Novotny, G.G. Graves, D.R. Couilland. - P.216
Romano, S. V. Acute urinary retention due to benign prostatic hyperplasia in A 23-year-old patient. / S.V. Romano, A. Casabe, A. Bechara. - P.217-218
Letters to the Editor. - P.219-220
Errata. - P.220
Akman, Y. Penile anatomy under the pubic arch: reconstructive implications. / Y. Akman, W. Liu, Yihg Wu Li. - P.225-230
Walker, B. R. The natural history of idiopathic urethrorrhagia in boys. / B.R. Walker, E.D. Ellison, B.W. Snow. - P.231-232
Diamond, D. A. Dismembered v-flap pyeloplasty. / D.A. Diamond, H.T. Nguyen. - P.233-235
Editorial:The logic and limits of shared decision making. - P.244-245
CME Enrollment form and questionnaire. - P.246
Gonzaga, L. Gastrocystoplasty and chronic renal failure: an acid-base metabolism study. / L. Gonzaga, F. Filho, J. Carnevale. - P.251-254
Nemeth, L. Demonstration of neuronal networks in the human upper urinary tract using confocal laser scanning microscopy. / L. Nemeth, D.S. O"briain, P. Puri. - P.255-258
Yamataka, A. Bladder transplantation in rats using FK-506. / A. Yamataka, K. Wang, H. Kobayashi. - P.259-262
Coldfarb, D. S. Effect of grapefruit juice on urinary lithogenicity. / D.S. Coldfarb, J.R. Asplin. - P.263-267
Toblli, J. E. Protective role of enalapril for chronic tubulointerstitial lesions of hyperoxaluria. / J.E. Toblli, L. Ferder, I. Stella. - P.275-280
Corwin, T. S. Laparoscopic radiofrequency thermal ablation of renal tissue with and without hilar occlusion. / T.S. Corwin, G. Lindberg, O. Traxer. - P.281-284
Fergany, A. F. Laparoscopic intracorporeally constructed ileal conduit after porcine cystoprostatectomy. / A.F. Fergany, I.S. Gill, J.H. Kaouk. - P.285-288
Shingleton, W. B. Percutaneous cryoablation of porcine kidneys with magnetic resonance imaging monitoring. / W.B. Shingleton, P. Farabaugh, M. Hughson. - P.289-291
Rendon, R. A. Development of a radiofrequency based thermal therapy technique in an in vivo porcine model for the treatment of small renal masses. / R.A. Rendon, M.R. Gertner, M.D. Sherar. - P.292-298
Garlie, N. K. T cells activated in vitro as immunotherapy for renal cell carcinoma: characterization of 2 effector T-cell populations. / N.K. Garlie, R.E. Siebenlist, A.V. Lefever. - P.299-303
Chang, Fu-Lin. Various forms of mutant p53 confer sensitivity to cisplatin and doxorubicin in bladder cancer cells. / Fu-Lin Chang, Ming-Derg Lai. - P.304-310
Sievert, K. -D. The effect of simulated birth trauma and/or ovariectomy on rodent continence mechanism, part I: functional and structural change. / K.-D. Sievert, M.E. Bakircioglu, T. Tsai. - P.311-317
Meen, M. Involvement of hypogastric and pelvic nerves for conveying cystitis induced nociception in conscious rats. / M. Meen, M.-A. Coudore-Civiale, A. Eschalier. - P.318-322
Keith, I. M. Cell relationship in a wistar rat of spontaneous prostatitis. / I.M. Keith, J. Jin, D. Neal. - P.323-328
Lang, R. J. Characterization of the spontaneous electrical and contractile activity of smooth muscle cells in the rat upper urinary tract. / R.J. Lang, H. Takano, M.E. Davidson. - P.329-334
Nakahira, Y. Effects of isoproterenol on spontaneous excitations in detrusor smooth muscle cells of the guinea pig. / Y. Nakahira, H. Hashitani, H. Fukuta. - P.335-340
Parekh, M. H. Protective effect of vitamin E on the response of the rabbit bladder to partial outlet obstruction. / M.H. Parekh, R. Lobel, L.J. O"Connor. - P.341-346
Chuen, S. -Ch. Dual effects of ouabain on the regulation of proleferation and apoptosis in human prostatic smooth muscle cells. / S.-Ch. Chuen, J.-H. Gun, J. Chen. - P.347-353
Liu, X. Vascular endothelial growth factor promotes proliferation and migration of cavernous smooth muscle cells. / X. Liu, Ch.-Sh. Lin, T. Graziottin. - P.354-360
AUA Urology Research Announcements. - P.361-362
Walsh, P. C. Urological Oncology: Prostate Cancer (Urological Survey). / P.C. Walsh. - P.364-366
Siegel, C. L. Imaging.(Urological Survey). / C.L. Siegel. - P.367-370
Canning, D. A. Pediatric urology.(Urological Survey). / D.A. Canning. - P.371-379
Smith, J. A. Diagnostic urology,urinary diversion and perioperative care.(Urologucal Survey). / J.A. Smith. - P.380-384
Schaeffer, A. J. Infection and inflammation of the genitourinary tract.(Urological Survey). / A.J. Schaeffer. - P.385-387
Kaplan, S. A. Benign prostatic huperplasia (Urological Survey). / S.A. Kaplan. - P.388-392
Kogan, S. J. Book reviews.(Urological Survey). / S.J. Kogan, R.B. Nadler. - P.392-394
News and Announcements. - P.394-395
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Шифр: N7/2002/346/13

NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL of MEDICINE [Текст]. - Waltham, 1928 - . - ISSN 0028-4793. - Выходит дважды в месяц
2002г. Vol. 346 N 13
This week in the journal : Article summaries. - P.953
This week in the journal : Perspective : Reperfusion therapy in acute myocardial infarction. - P.954-956
Comparison of angioplasty with atenting, with or without abciximab, in acute myocardial infarction. - P.957-966
Estrogen-receptor polymorphisms and effects of estrogen replacement on high-density lipoprotein cholesterol in women with coronary disease. - P.967-974
Duration of prophylaxis against venous thromboembolism with enoxaparin after surgery for cancer. - P.975-980
Studer, S. M. Bronchial cast. / E. Tsai ; E. Tsai. - P.981
Psychological sequelae of the september 11 terrorist attacks in New York city. - P.982-987
Stoller, J. K. Acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. / J.K. Stoller. - P.988-994
Cines, D. B. Medical progress : Immune thrombocytopenic purpura. / D.B. Cines, V.S. Blanchette. - P.995-1008
Alderson, L. M. A 52-year-old woman with recurrent unsteadiness, slurred speech, and fatigue. / L.M. Alderson, I. Delalle. - P.1009-1016
Krauss, R. M. Editorial : Individualized hormone-replacement therapy ? / R.M. Krauss. - P.1017-1018
Tsai, E. Should family members be present during cardiopulmonary resuscitation ? / E. Tsai. - P.1019-1021
Information for authors. - P.1022
Correspondence : Left ventricular assist device. - P.1023-1024
Correspondence : Goal-directed therapy for devere sepsis. - P.1025
Correspondence : Protease inhibitors and mortality among children and adolescents infected with HIV-1. - P.1026
Correspondence : An outbreak of primary pneumonic tularemia. - P.1027-1028
Correspondence : Paraneoplastic encephalomyelitis and sensory ganglioneuropathy. - P.1029
Correspondence ; Will parity in coverage result in better mental health care ?. - P.1030
Correspondence : West nile encephalitis in Massachusetts. - P.1030-1031
Book reviews. - P.1032-1033
Notices. - P.1034-1036
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Шифр: G1/2002/122/1

GASTROENTEROLOGY [Рукопись]. - Philadelphia : W. B. Saunders Company. - ISSN 0016-5085. - Выходит ежемесячно
2002г. т.122 N 1
Chang, E. B. This month in gastroenterology. / E.B. Chang. - P.1-2
Gastroenterology news. - P.3-4
Comment from the editors. - P.5
Image of the month. - P.6
Inhibition of stress-activated MAP kinases induces clinical improvement in moderate to severe Crohn's disease. - P.7-14
Ulcerative colitis: female fecundity before diagnosis.during disease,and after surgery compared with a population sample. - P.15-19
Budesonide in collagenous colitis: a double-blind placebo-controlled trial with histologic follow-up. - P.20-25
Preoperative prevalence of Barrett's esophagus in esophageal adenocarcinoma: a systematic review. - P.26-33
Diagnosis and patient management of intraductal papillary-mucinous tumor of the pancreas by using peroral pancreatoscopy and intraductal ultrasonography. - P.34-43
Mucosal flora in inflammatory bowel disease. - P.44-54
Gastroesophageal reflux disease in monozygotic and dizygotic twins. - P.55-59
Ougolkov, A. V. Oncogenic beta-catenin and MMP-7(Matrilysin) cosegregate in late-stage clinical colon cancer. / R.M. Reek ; R.M. Reek. - P.60-71
Epstein-Barr virus-positive lymphoma in patients with inflammatory bowel disease treated with azathioprine or 6-mercaptopurine. - P.72-77
Suleiman, S. Chemoprevention of colorectal cancer by aspirin: a cost-effectiveness analysis. / S. Suleiman, D.K. Rex, A. Sonnenberg. - P.78-84
Endogenous cannabinoids: a new system involved in the homeostasis of arterial pressure in experimental cirrhosis. - P.85-93
Distinct inflammatory mechanisms mediate early versus late colitis in mice. - P.94-105
Ethanol metabolism and transcription factor activation in pancreatic acinar cells in rats. - P.106-118
Genetic or chemical hypochlorhydria is associated with inflammation that modulates parietal and G-cell populations in mice. - P.119-133
Role of tumor necrosis factor receptor 2 (TNFR2) in colonic epithelial hyperplasia and chronic intestinal inflammation in mice. - P.134-144
Gastric acid secretion in L-histidine decarboxylase-deficient mice. - P.145-155
Thermal stress-induced HSP70 mediates protection against intrapancreatic trypsinogen activation and acute pancreatitis in rats. - P.156-165
Brand, S. Fractalkine-mediated signals regulate cell-survival and immune-modulatory responses in intestinal epithelial cells. / S. Brand, T. Sakaguchi, X. Gu. - P.166-177
Sodium current in human jejunal circular smooth muscle cells. - P.178-187
Matrix metalloproteinase-9 promotes neutrophil migration and alveolar capillary leakage in pancreatitis-associated lung injury in the rat. - P.188-201
Rudiger, H. A. Tumor necrosis factor alfa,but not fas,mediates hepatocellular apoptosis in the murine ischemic liver. / H.A. Rudiger, P.-A. Clavien. - P.202-210
Functional analysis of hMLH1 variants and HNPCC-related mutation using z human expression system. - P.211-219
Esophageal stenosis in childhood: dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa without skin blistering due to collagen VII mutations. - P.220-225
Wolf, J. L. Editorials: The impact of surgery for ulcerative colitis on fertility and sexual function in women. / J.L. Wolf. - P.226-227
Braun, J. Editorials: Unsettling facts of life: bacterial commensalism, epithelial adherence, and inflammatory bowel disease. / J. Braun. - P.228-229
Provenzale, D. Editorials:The cost-effectiveness of aspirin for chemoprevention of colorectal cancer. / D. Provenzale. - P.230-233
Bresalier, R. S. Cemoprevention of intestinal polyposis by COX-2 inhibition: from mouse to man. / R.S. Bresalier. - P.234-236
Lewis, J. D. Are two tests better than one ? / J.D. Lewis. - P.236-237
Blendis, L. Interferon treatment of HCV: do we need a virological response ? / L. Blendis, B. Oren, Z, Halpern Z. - P.237-238
Reek, R. M. Elimination of helicobacter pylori or acid in high-risk users of aspirin or nonsteroidal medications: final answer ? / R.M. Reek. - P.238-240
Print and media reviews. - P.241-243
Correspondence: Fulminant hepatitis B due to a lamivudine-resistant mutant of HBV in a patient coinfected with HIV. - P.244-245
Correspondence: Discussion of "Backwash ileitis is strongly associated with colorectal carcinoma in ulcerative colitis". - P.245
Correspondence:Sencitivity of anti-endomysial antibody in detecting celiac disease. - P.246
Correspondence:Common variants of the matrix metalloproteinase-3 (Stromelysin) gene promoter in primary biliary cirrhosis. - P.247
Correspondence: HER-2/neu overexpression in colonic malignancies. - P.248
Correspondence: Corrections. - P.250
Biographical sketch. - P.54
Notices. - P.251
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Шифр: G1/2002/122/3

GASTROENTEROLOGY [Рукопись]. - Philadelphia : W. B. Saunders Company. - ISSN 0016-5085. - Выходит ежемесячно
2002г. т.122 N 3
Chang, E. B. This month in gastroenterology. / E.B. Chang. - P.599-600
Gastroenterology news. - P.601-602
Sartor, R. B. Comment from the editors. / K.W. Burak, T. Le, M.G. Swain ; K.W. Burak, T. Le, M.G. Swain. - P.603-604
Image of the month. - P.605
Artificial neural networks distinguish among subtypes of neoplastic colorectal lesions. - P.606-613
Resolution of chronic hepatitis B and Anti-HBs seroconversion in humans by adoptive transfer of immunity to hepatitis B core antigen. - P.614-624
Long-term effect of H2RA therapy on nocturnal gastric acid breakthrough. - P.625-632
Surveillance and survival in Barrett's adenocarcinomas: a population-based study. . - P.633-640
Long-term treatment with sulindac in familial adenomatous polyposis: a prospective cohort study. - P.641-645
А population-based study of the biochemical and clinical expression of the H63D hemochromatosis mutation. - P.646-651
Primary biliary cirrhosis: incidence and predictive factors of cirrhosis development in ursodiol-treated patients. - P.652-658
TRAIL and its receptors in the colonic epithelium: a putative role in the defense of viral infections. - P.659-666
Ubiguitous production of macrophage migration inhibitory factor by human gastric and intestinal epithelium. - P.667-680
Burak, K. W. Increased sensitivity to the locomotor-activatihg effects of corticotropin-releasing hormone in cholestatic rats. / K.W. Burak, T. Le, M.G. Swain. - P.681-688
CDx2 ectopic expression induces gastric intestinal metaplasia in transgenic mice. - P.689-696
Induction of anaphylatoxin C5a receptors in rat hepatocytes by lipopolysaccharide in vivo: mediation by interleukin-6 from kupffer cells. - P.697-708
Down-regulated in adenoma mediates apical CI-/HCO3- exchange in rabbit,rat, and human duodenum. - P.709-724
Genetic deficiency in the chemokine receptor CCR1 protects against acute clostridium difficile toxin A enteritis in mice. - P.725-733
Intravital observation of adhesion of lamina propria lymphocytes to microvessels of small intestine in mice. - P.734-744
Inactivation of the hemochromatosis gene differentially regulates duodenal expression of iron-related mRNAs between mouse strains. - P.745-751
Bielefeldt, K. Mild gastritis alters voltage-sensitive sodium currents in gastric sensory neurons in rats. / K. Bielefeldt, N. Ozaki, G.F. Gebhart. - P.752-761
CD40/CD154 ligation is required for the development of acute ileitis following oral infection with an intracellular pathogen in mice. - P.762-773
Masubushi, Y. Multiple mechanisms in indomethacin-induced impairment of hepatic cytochrome P450 enzymes in rats. / Y. Masubushi, E. Masuda, T. Horie. - P.774-783
Molecular evidence for the same clonal origin of both components of an adenosquamous Barrett carcinoma. - P.784-788
A homozygous HFE gene splice site mutation (IVS5+1G/A) in a hereditary hemochromatosis patient of vietnamese origin. - P.789-795
Gates, L. K. A syndrome of hereditary pancreatic adenocarcinoma and cysts of the liver and kindeys. / L.K. Gates, D.V. Holladay. - P.796-799
Successful infliximab treatment for steroid-refractory celiac disease: a case report. - P.800-805
Tissue plasminogen activator is required for the growth,invasion,and angiogenesis of pancreatic tumor cells. - P.806-819
Dulai, G. S. Editorials: Surveying the case for surveillance. / G.S. Dulai. - P.820-822
Holtmann, G. Editorial: (Post) Inflammatory visceral hyperalgesia: Don't we believe what we don't see? / G. Holtmann. - P.823-825
Judge, T. The NOD2 gene and Crohn's disease: another triumph for molecular genetics. / T. Judge, G.R. Lichtenstein. - P.826-828
Raju, G. S. Fantastic voyage through the gut. / G.S. Raju, T. Yusuf. - P.828-829
Grady, W. M. Hereditary diffuse gastric cancer: more answers or more questions ? / W.M. Grady, R.M. Peek. - P.830-831
Villanueva, C. Prevention of varices rebleeding: are drugs better after all ? / C. Villanueva, J. Minana, J. Balanzo. - P.832-833
Print and media reviews. - P.834
Correspondence: Omeprazole and Ultrastructural modifications occurring in reflux esophagitis. - P.837
Correspondence: Azathioprine intolerance in patients with IBD may be imidazole-related and is independent of TPMT activity. - P.838
Correspondence: On finding flat adenomas: is the search worth the gain. - P.839
Correspondence: A wider view on diagnostic criteria of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis. - P.840
Correspondence: Prevalence and distinctive biologic features of flat colorectal adenomas in a North American Population. - P.842
Biographical sketch. - P.680
Notices. - P.844
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Шифр: N7/2002/347/24

NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL of MEDICINE [Текст]. - Waltham, 1928 - . - ISSN 0028-4793. - Выходит дважды в месяц
2002г. Vol. 347 N 24
This week in the journal : Article summaries. - P.1905
Sherman, R. This week in the journal : Perspective : To reconstruct or not to reconstruct ? / P.W. Hadden, C.J. Barry; S.P. Becerra, J. Amaral ; P.W. Hadden, C.J. Barry; S.P. Becerra, J. Amaral. - P.1906-1909
Outbreak of varicella at a day-care center dispite vaccination. - P.1909-1915
Prediction of the risk of myocardial infarction from polymorphisms in candidate genes. - P.1916-1923
An analysis of outcomes of reconstruction or amputation of leg-threatening injuries. - P.1924-1931
Exercise training for claudication. - P.1941-1951
Hadden, P. W. Herpetic encephalitis and acute retinal necrosis. / S.P. Becerra, J. Amaral ; S.P. Becerra, J. Amaral. - P.1932
Patient safety : Views of practicing physicians and the public on medical errors. - P.1933-1940
Erban, J. K. A 54-year-old man with hypercalcemia, renal dysfunction, and an enlarged liver. / J.K. Erban, Z. Tang. - P.1952-1961
Gershon, A. A. Editorials : Varicella vaccine - are two doses better than one ? / A.A. Gershon. - P.1962
Petters, R. J.G. Editorials : Gene polymorphisms and the risk of myocardial infarction - an emerging relation. / R.J.G. Petters, S.M. Boekholdt. - P.1963-1964
Lee, T. H. Editorials : A broader concept of medical errors / T.H. Lee. - P.1965-1967
Becerra, S. P. Erythropoietin - an endogenous retinal survival factor. / S.P. Becerra, J. Amaral. - P.1968-1970
Sandy, L. G. Homeostasis without reserve - The risk of health system collapse. / L.G. Sandy. - P.1971-1975
Correspondence : B-type natriuretic peptide in heart failure. - P.1976-1977
Correspondence : Toll-like receptor4 polymorphisms and atherogenesis. - P.1978-1979
Correspondence : Bronchiolitis in popcorn-factory workers. - P.1980-1981
Correspondence : Inflammatory bowel disease. - P.1982-1983
Correspondence : Illness after international travel. - P.1984
Correspondence : Abortion and maternal mortality in Africa. - P.1984-1985
Book reviews. - P.1986-1988
Notices. - P.1989
Correction. - P.1990
Continuing medical education. - P.1991-1992
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Шифр: N7/2003/348/7

NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL of MEDICINE [Текст]. - Waltham, 1928 - . - ISSN 0028-4793. - Выходит дважды в месяц
2003г. Vol. 348 N 7
This week in the journal. - P.577-578
Solomon, C. G. This week in the journal : perspective: Rethinking postmenopausal hormone therapy. / A. Rosenzweig; A. Redfern, J. Smart; E.D. Frohlich ; A. Rosenzweig; A. Redfern, J. Smart; E.D. Frohlich. - P.579-580
Rosenzweig, A. This week in the journal : Perspective : Endothelial progenitor cells. / A. Redfern, J. Smart; E.D. Frohlich ; A. Redfern, J. Smart; E.D. Frohlich. - P.581-583
A comparison of outcomes with angiotensin-converting-enzyme inhibitors and diuretics for hypertension in the elderly. - P.583-592
Circulating endothelial progenitor cells, vascular function, and cardiovascular risk. - P.593-600
Influence of immunogenicity on the long-term efficacy of infliximab in Crohn's disease. - P.601-608
Redfern, A. Cardiac rupture. / E.D. Frohlich ; E.D. Frohlich. - P.609
August, P. Initial treatment of hypertension. / E.G. Phimister ; E.G. Phimister. - P.610-617
Riggs, B. L. Selective estrogen-receptor modulators- mechanisms of action and application to clinical practice. / F. Grodstein, T.B. Clarkson, J.E. Manson ; F. Grodstein, T.B. Clarkson, J.E. Manson. - P.618-629
Caro, I. Case 5-2003 : A 16-year-old cirl with a rash and chest pain. / J.P. Burke ; J.P. Burke. - P.630-638
Frohlich, E. D. Editorials : Treating hypertension -What are we to believe ? / E.D. Frohlich. - P.639-641
Editorials : Reviewers for the journal , 2002. - P.642
Phimister, E. G. In search of a better HIV vaccine - The heat is on . / E.G. Phimister. - P.643-644
Grodstein, F. Understanding the divergent data on postmenopausal hormone therapy. / F. Grodstein, T.B. Clarkson, J.E. Manson. - P.645-650
Burke, J. P. Infection control - A problem for patient safety. / J.P. Burke. - P.651-656
Correspondence. - P.657-670
Book reviews. - P.670-673
Corrections. - P.674
Notices. - P.674
Continuing medical education. - P.675-676
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Шифр: N7/2003/349/5

NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL of MEDICINE [Текст]. - Waltham, 1928 - . - ISSN 0028-4793. - Выходит дважды в месяц
2003г. Vol. 349 N 5
This week in the journal . - P.417-418
George, D. J. This week in the journal : Perspective : The von Hippel-Landau protein , vascular endothelial growth factor , and kidney cancer. / G.A. Gates, R.T. Miyamoto; J.C. Marini; T. Shimizu, T. Takeda; T.B. Drueke, D.A. McCarron ; G.A. Gates, R.T. Miyamoto; J.C. Marini; T. Shimizu, T. Takeda; T.B. Drueke, D.A. McCarron. - P.419-420
Gates, G. A. This week in the journal : Cochlear implants. / J.C. Marini; T. Shimizu, T. Takeda; T.B. Drueke, D.A. McCarron ; J.C. Marini; T. Shimizu, T. Takeda; T.B. Drueke, D.A. McCarron. - P.421-422
Marini, J. C. This week in the journal : Perspective : Do bisphosphonates make children's bones better or brittle ? / T. Shimizu, T. Takeda; T.B. Drueke, D.A. McCarron ; T. Shimizu, T. Takeda; T.B. Drueke, D.A. McCarron. - P.423-426
A randomized trial of bevacizumab, an anti-vascular endothelial growth factor antibody , for metastatic renal cancer. - P.427-434
Risk of bacterial meningitis in children with cochlear implants. - P.435-445
Survival of patients undergoing hemodialysis with paricalcitol or calcitriol therapy. - P.446-456
Brief report : Bisphosphonate-induced osteopetrosis. - P.457-463
Shimizu, T. Massive calcification in pseudohypoparathyroidism. / T.B. Drueke, D.A. McCarron ; T.B. Drueke, D.A. McCarron. - P.464
Santarius, T. Carotid-artery thrombosis secondary to basal skill fracture. / T. Santarius, D.K. Menon. - P.e5
Greenland, P. Selecting asymptomatic patients for coronary computed tomography or electrocardiographic exercise testing. / P. Greenland, J.M. Gaziano. - P.465-473
Lee, W. M. Medical progress : Drug-induced hepatotoxicity. / W.M. Lee. - P.474-485
МсGee, D. M. A girl with recurrent bouts of abdominal pain. / D.M. МсGee, S.A. Cannolly, R.H. Young. - P.486-495
Drueke, T. B. Editorial : Paricalcitol as compared with calcitriol in patients undergoing hemodialysis. / T.B. Drueke, D.A. McCarron. - P.496-499
Correspondence. - P.500-509
Book reviews. - P.510-513
Corrections. - P.506 ; 513
Notices. - P.513-514
Continuing medical education. - P.515-516
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Шифр: N7/2003/349/17

NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL of MEDICINE [Текст]. - Waltham, 1928 - . - ISSN 0028-4793. - Выходит дважды в месяц
2003г. Vol. 349 N 17
This week in the journal. - P.1585-1586
Manolio, T. Novel risk markers and clinical practice / T. Manolio. - P.1587-1588. - 6 ref. : рис.
Beier, D. R. Bench and bedside - The G protein-coupled receptor GPR54 and puberty / D.R. Beier, R.G. Dluhy. - P.1589-1591 : табл.
Ray, W. A. Population - based studies of adverse drug effects / W.A. Ray. - P.1592-1594 : табл.
Prognostic value of myeloperoxidase in patients with chest pain. - P.1595-1604
Glutathione peroxidase 1 activity and cardiovascular events in patients with coronary artery disease. - P.1605-1613 : табл.
The GPR54 gene as a regulator of puberty. - P.1614-1627 : граф.
Absence of cross-reactivity between sulfonamide antibiotics and sulfonamide nonantibiotics. - P.1628-1635 : табл.
Penna, C. Splenic sarcoidosis / C. Penna, G.A. Deroide. - P.e16
Finn, A. V. Isolated right ventricular infarction / A.V. Finn, E.M. Antman. - P.1636 : фото
Hospital use and survival among veterans affairs beneficiaries. - P.1637-1646. - 31 ref. : табл.
Другие авторы: , , Ashton C.M., Souchek J., Petersen N.J., Menke T.J., Collins T.C., Kizer K.W.
Terkeltaub, R. A. Gout / R.A. Terkeltaub. - P.1647-1655 : табл.
Soto, O. Case 33-2003 : A 37-year-old man with a history of alcohol and drug abuse and sudden onset of leg weakness / O. Soto, E.T. Hedley-Whyte. - P.1656-1663. - 37 ref. : фото.цв.
Fisher, E. S. Editorial : Medical care - is more always better ? / E.S. Fisher. - P.1665-1667. - 15 ref. : фото.цв.
Correspondence. - P.1668-1673 : табл.
Book reviews. - P.1680-1683
Correction. - P.1674-1679
Notices. - P.1684-1686
Continuing medical education. - P.1687-1688
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Шифр: N7/2003/349/20

NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL of MEDICINE [Текст]. - Waltham, 1928 - . - ISSN 0028-4793. - Выходит дважды в месяц
2003г. Vol. 349 N 20
This week in the journal. - P.1885-1886
Wenstrom, K. D. Fetal surgery for congenital diaphragmatic hernia / K.D. Wenstrom. - P.1887-1888. - 3 ref. : рис.
Lang, A. E. Subthalamic stimulation for Parkinson's disease - living better electrically ? / A.E. Lang. - P.1888-1891. - 3 ref. : рис.
Prigerson, H. G. Costs to Society of Family Caregiving for patients with end-stage Alzheimer's disease / H.G. Prigerson. - P.1891-1892. - 1 ref. : табл.
Valsartan, captopril, or both in myocardial infarction complicated by heart failure, left ventricular dysfunction, or both . - P.1893-1906 : табл.
Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis by selective inhibition of T-cell activation with fusion protein CTLA41g. - P.1907-1915 : табл.
A randomized trial of fetal endoscopic tracheal occlusion for severe fetal congenital diaphragmatic hernia. - P.1916-1924 : табл.
Five-Year follow-up of bilateral stimulation of the subthalamic nucleus in advanced Parkinson's disease. - P.1925-1934 : табл.
Monger, R. Arthritis mutilans / R. Monger, V. Hrywnak. - P.1935 : фото.цв.
Kaido, T. Giant hepatic hemangioma / T. Kaido, M. Imamura. - P.e19
End-of-life care and the effects of bereavement on family caregivers of persons with dementia. - P.1936-1942. - Bibliogr.: 19 ref. : табл.
Другие авторы: , , Schulz R., Mendelsohn A.B., Haley W.E., Mahoney D., Allen R.S., Zhang S.
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Другие авторы: , , Warshaw A.L., Brugge W.R., Lewandrowski K.B., Pitman M.B.
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Boden, G. Nerves, fat, and insulin resistance / G. Boden, R.D. Hoeldtke. - P.1966-1967. - Bibliogr.: 4 ref. : рис.
Correspondence. - P.1968-1978
Book reviews. - P.1979-1982
Continuing medical education. - P.1983-1984
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Шифр: J18/2004/171/1

JOURNAL of UROLOGY [Текст]. - New York. - Выходит ежемесячно
2004г. Vol. 171 N 1
Gillenwater, J. Y. This month in clinical urology / J.Y. Gillenwater. - P.1 - 2
Atala, A. This month in investigativs urology / A. Atala. - P.3 - 4
Raza A.,. Lower limb (well leg) compartment syndrome after urological pelvic surgery / A., Raza A., D. Byrne, N. Townell. - P.5 - 11 : рис.
Blake, C. Noninvasive techniques for the measurement of isovolumetric bladder pressure / C. Blake, P. Abrams. - P.12 - 19 : граф.
Parsons, J. K. The historical origins of interstitial cystitis / J.K. Parsons, C.L. Parsons. - P.20 - 22 : фото
An evaluation of the decreasing incidence of positive surgical margins in a large retropubic prostatectomy series. - P.23 - 26 : граф.
Computerized tomography with 3 - dimensional reconstruction for the evaluation of renal size and arterial anatomy in the living kidney donor. - P.27 - 30 : табл.
Contrast enhanced spiral computerized tomography in live kidney donors: asingle session for anatomical and functional assessment . - P.31 - 34 : фото
Clinical skills acquisition for hand-assisted laparoscopic donor nephrectomy. - P.35 -39 : табл.
Donor nephrectomy: a comparison of techniques and results of open, hand assisted and full laparoscopic nephrectomy . - P.40 - 43 : граф.
Laparoscopic live donor nephrectomy in presence of circumaortic or retroaortic left renal vein. - P.44 - 46 : табл.
Laparoscopic donor nephrectomy : the university of Maryland 6-year experience. - P.47-51 : граф.
Factors related delayed graft function after laparoscopic live donor nephrectomy. - P.52-57 : табл.
Ex vivo ureteroscopic treatment of calculi in donor kidneys at renal transplantation. - P.58 - 60 : табл.
Barry, J. M. Editorial: Living donor nephrectomy / J. Barry. - P.61 - 62
Gaston, K. E. Hand - assisted laparoscopic nephrectomy: prospective evaluation of learning curve / K.E. Gaston, D.T. Moore, R.S. Pruthi. - P.63 - 67 : граф.
Laparoscopic partial nephrectomy in cold ischemia: renal artery perfusion . - P.68 - 71 : фото.цв.
Laparoscopic management of extra - adrenal pheochromocytoma . - P.72 - 76 : табл.
Laparoscopic management of ureteropelvic junction obstruction in patients with upper urinary tract anomalies. - P.77- 79 : табл.
Assessment of basic human performance resources predicts the performance of virtual ureterorenoscopy. - P.80 - 84 : граф.
Outcome of metabolic evaluation and medical treatment for calcium nephrolithiasis in private urological practice. - P.85 - 88 : граф.
Endoscopic features of impacted ureteral stones. - P.89 -91 : табл.
Raman spectroscopic analysis identifies testicular microlithiasis as intratubular hydroxyapatite. - P.92 - 96 : граф.
Cadherin - 6: a new prognostic marker for renal cell carcinoma. - P.97 - 101 : табл.
Management of renal angiomyolipomas associated with tuberous sclerosis complex. - P.102 - 106 : граф.
Renal tumors in young adults. - P.106 - 110 : табл.
Natural history of renal masses followed expectantly. - P.111 - 112 : граф.
Telomerase pulsed dendritic cells for immunotherapy for renal cell carcinoma. - P.114 - 119 : граф.
The prediction of renal function 6 years after unilateral nephrectomy using preoperative risk factors. - P.120 - 125 : табл.
Different treatment strategies for end stage renal disease in patients with transitional cell carcinoma. - P.126 - 129 : табл.
Complications of radical and partial nephrectomy in a large contemporary cohort. - P.130 - 134 : табл.
Improved detection of urothelial carcinoma in situ with hexaminolevulinate fluorescence cystoscopy. - P.135 - 138 : табл.
Extended radical lymphadenectomy in patients with urothelial bladder cancer: results of a prospective multicenter study. - P.139 - 144 : рис.
Is there a role for surgery in the management of metastatic urothelial cancer ? Тhe M.D. Anderson experience. - P.145 - 148 : граф.
Initial tumor stage and grade as a predictive factor for recurrence in patients with stage T1 grade 3 bladder cancer. - P.149 - 152 : табл.
A randomized controlled trial of short - term versus long - term prophylactic intravesical instillation chemotherapy for recurrence after transurethral resection of TA/T1 transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder. - P.153 - 157 : граф.
Bilateral testicular microlithiasis predicts the presence of the precursor of testicular germ cеll tumors in subfertile men. - P.158 - 160 : табл.
Experience with testis sparing surgery for testicular teratoma. - P.161-163 : табл.
Incidence of contralateral germ cell testicular tumors in South Europe: report of the experience at 2 Spanish university hospitals and review of the literature. - P.164 - 167 : табл.
Beck, S. D.W. Tumor marker levels in post - chemotherapy cystic masses: clinical implications for patients with germ cell tumors / S.D.W. Beck, M.I. Patel, J. Sheinfeld. - P.168 - 171 : табл.
A simple model for predicting nodal metastasis in patients with clinical stage 1 nonseminomatous germ cell testicular tumors undergoing retroperitoneal lymph node dissection only. - P.172 - 176 : табл.
Comparison of accuracy between the partin tables of 1997 and 2001 to predict final pathological stage in clinically localized prostate cancer. - P.177 - 181 : граф.
Clinical usefulness of serum anti p53 antibodies for prostate canсer detection: a comparative study with prostate specific antigen parameters. - P.182 - 186 : табл.
Hepsin is highly over expressed in and a new candidate for a prognostic indicator in prostate cancer. - P.187 - 191 : табл.
Elevated expression of inhibin alpha in prostate cancer. - P.192 - 196 : табл.
The incidence of prostate cancer in men with prostate specific antigen greater than 4.0 NG/ML: a randomized study of 6 versus 12 core transperineal prostate biоpsy. - P.197 - 199 : табл.
Assessment of enhancement in predictive accuracy provided by systematic biopsy in predicting outcome for clinically localized prostate cancer. - P.200 - 203 : табл.
Six additional systematic lateral cores enhance sextant biopsy prediction of pathological features at radical prostatectomy. - P.204-209 : фото
10 - year outcome for men with localized prostate cancer treated with external radiation therapy: results of cohort study . - P.210 - 214 : граф.
Patterns of secondary cancer treatment for biochemical failure following radical prostatectomy: data from CaPSURE . - P.215 - 219 : табл.
1 - stage urethral reconstruction using colonic mucosa graft for the treatment of a long complex urethral stricture . - P.220 - 223 : фото.цв.
Zargooshi, J. Tube-onlay-tube tunica vaginalis flap for proximal primary and reoperative adult hypospadias / J. Zargooshi. - P.224 - 228 : фото
Experience with coapted gastric tube outlet and composite gastrointestinal reservoir for continent cutaneous urinary diversion. - P.229 - 231 : рис.
A prospective comparison of 3 diagnostic methods to evaluate ejaculatory duct obstruction. - P.232 - 236 : табл.
Multiphasic helical computerized tomography for the assessment of microscopic hematuria: a prospective study. - P.237 - 243 : фото
Closed suction or penrose drainage after partial nephrectomy: does it matter? . - P.244 - 246 : табл.
Lee-Elliott, C. E. Randomized trial of lidocaine VS lidocaine/bupivacaine periprostatic injection on longitudinal pain scores after prostate biopsy / C.E. Lee-Elliott, D. Dundas, U. Patel. - P.247 - 250 : табл.
Intravesical capsaicin versus resiniferatoxin for the treatment of detrusor hyperreflexia in spinal cord injured patients: a double - blind, randomized, controlled study . - P.251 - 255 : табл.
Evaluation of painful hydronephrosis in pregnancy: magnetic resonance urographic patterns in physiological dilatation versus calculous obstruction . - P.256 - 260 : фото
Short - term outcome analysis of total pelvic reconstruction with mesh: the vaginal approach . - P.261 - 263 : табл.
Powell, C. R. Anterior vaginal wall hammock with fascia lata for the correction of stage 2 or greater anterior vaginal compartment relaxation / C.R. Powell, A.J. Simsiman, S.A. Menefee. - P.264 - 267 : табл.
Ho, K.-L. V. 8 - PLY small intestinal submucosa tension - free sling: spectrum of postoperative inflammation / K.-L. V. Ho, M. N. Witte, F.T. Bird. - P.268 - 271 : фото
Tabakov, I. D. Large post - hysterectomy and post - radiation vesicovaginal fistulas: repair by ileocystoplasty / I. D. Tabakov, B.N. Slavchev. - P.272 - 274 : рис.
Local urethral recurrence after radical cystectomy and orthotopic bladder substitution in women: a prospective study . - P.275 - 278 : табл.
Low agreement between previous physician diagnosed prostatitis and National institutes of health chronic prostatitis symptom index pain measures. - P.279 - 283 : табл.
Kaplan, S. A. A prospective, 1- year trial using saw Palmetto versus finasteride in the treatment of category III prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome / S.A. Kaplan, M.A. Volpe, A.E. Te. - P.284-288. - Bibliogr.: 20 ref. : граф.
Safer transurethral resection of the prostate: coagulating intermittent cutting reduces hemostatic complications. - P.289 - 291
Concomitant use of sildenafil and a vacuum entrapment device for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. - P.292 - 295 : табл.
Questionable efficacy of extracorporeal shock wave therapy for Peyronie's disease: results of a prospective approach. - P.296 - 299 : табл.
Initial evaluation of robotic technology for microsurgical vasovasostomy. - P.300 - 303 : рис.
Boorjian, S. The impact of obstructive interval and sperm granuloma on outcome of vasectomy reversal / S. Boorjian, M. Lipkin, M. Goldstein. - P.304 -306 : табл.
Sigman, M. The relationship between intravasal sperm quality and patency rates after vasovasostomy / M. Sigman. - P.307 - 309 : табл.
Lipshultz, L. I. Editorial: vasectomy reversal - predicting outcomes / L.I. Lipshultz. - P.310
Crain, D. S. Practice patterns in vasectomy reversal surgery : results of a questionnaire study among practicing urologists / D.S. Crain, J.L. Roberts, C.L. Amling. - P.311 - 315 : табл.
Singh, M. Do pad tests and voiding diaries affect patient willingness to participate in studies of incontinence treatment outcomes? / M. Singh, W. Bushman, J.Q. Clemens. - P.316 - 319 : табл.
Use of a virtual reality simulator for ureteroscopy training. - P.320 - 323 : табл.
Hofland, C. A. Is cytology required for a hematuria evaluation? / C.A. Hofland, A.J. Mariani. - P.324 - 326 : табл.
A simple way to take pictures during endoscopic procedures. - P.327 - 328 : фото.цв.
Tsivian, A. Reconstruction of extensive upper ureteral damage / A. Tsivian. - P.329 - 330 : рис.
Hammond, L. Spontaneous neonatal regression of prenatally detected renal cysts in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease / L. Hammond, P.H. McKenna. - P.331 - 332 : фото
Open conversion from laparoscopic nephrectomy: slippage of surgical clips ligating the renal artery affected by atherosclerosis. - P.333 - 334 : фото.цв.
The fractured flexible ureteroscope with locked deflection. - P.335 : фото
Laparoscopic resection of retroperitoneal venous hemangioma. - P.336 : фото
Peyromaure, M. Development of a bladder stone following a tension -free vaginal tape intervention / M. Peyromaure, T. Dayma, M. Zerbib. - P.337 : фото
Primary renal carcinoid tumor. - P.338 : фото
Pettus, J. A. Renal cell carcinoma in horseshoe kidney with vena caval involvement / J.A. Pettus, J. Jameson, R.A. Stephenson. - P.339 : фото
Fretz, P. C. Intravesical colonic pseudotumor / P.C. Fretz, P.A. Kirby, M.A. O'Donnell. - P.340 : фото
Thomas, M. A. Squamous cell carcinoma of the penis following penile trauma / M.A. Thomas, A.K. Nangia. - P.341 - 342 : фото
Recurrent paratesticular myxoid liposarcoma in a young man. - P.343 : фото
Profound anemia from duodenal invasion of metastatic testicular seminoma. - P.344 - 345 : фото
Disseminated intravascular coagulation following transrectal ultrasound guided prostate biopsy. - P.346 : фото
Self - expanding metallic stent placement for renal artery dissection due to blunt trauma. - P.347 - 348 : фото
Aortic injury during initial blunt trocar laparoscopic access for renal surgery. - P.349 - 350 : фото
Large urethral diverticulum presenting as а scrotal mass: urethral reconstruction with ventral onlay buccal mucosa. - P.351 - 352 : фото.цв.
Jones, J. S. Severe hyperkalemia related to excessive tomato juice ingestion in presence of neobladder / J.S. Jones. - P.353
Rieder, J. M.D. Pyoderma vegetans of the penis / J.M.D. Rieder, M.J. Moresi, J.K. Parsons. - P.354 : фото
Carlson, D. W. Secondary amyloidosis as an unusual cause of ureteral obstruction / D.W. Carlson, D.R. Finger, C.M. Belnap. - P.355 - 356 : фото
Female urethral fibroepithelial polyp with stricture. - P.357 : фото
Long - term cryopreserved semen results in a live birth 12 years later. - P.358
Letters to the editor : Re: Experiences learned in the successful establishment of a nonheart beating donor program for renal transplantation. - P.359
Letters to the editor : Re: Intraoperative nerve stimulation with measurement of urethral sphincter pressure changes during radical retropubic prostatectomy : A feasibility study. - P.359
Letters to the editor : Re: A prospective study measuring penile length in men treated with radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer. - P.359-360
Errata : Duloxetine for stress urinary incontinence. - P.360
Errata : Nomogram for predicting positive repeat prostate biopsy. - P.360-361 : табл.
Laparoscopic removal of Mullerian duct remnants in boys . - P.364 - 368 : фото.цв.
Laparoscopic excision of a seminal vesicle cyst in a child. - P.369 - 371 : фото
Chung, S. Y. Laparoscopic assisted reconstructive surgery: a 7-year experience / S.Y. Chung, K. Meldrum, S.G. Docimo. - P.372 - 375 : фото
Ureterocystoplasty: indications for a successful augmentation. - P.376 - 380 : табл.
Intratesticular varicocele in adolescents: a reversible anechoic lesion of the testis . - P.381 - 383 : фото.цв.
Fetoscopic placement of a transurethral stent for intrauterine ostructive uropathy. - P.384 - 386 : фото
Jianhong, L. Isolated renal mucormycosis in children / L. Jianhong, H. Xianliang, J. Xuewu. - P.387 - 388 : фото.цв.
Pediatric tuberculous vesicovaginal fistula. - P.389 - 390 : фото
Somekh, E. Acute epididymitis in boys: evidence of a post-infectious etiology / E. Somekh, A. Gorenstein, F. Serour. - P.391 - 394 : табл.
Snodgrass, W. T. Obstruction of a dysmorphic ureter following dextranomer/ hyaluronic acid copolymer / W.T. Snodgrass. - P.395 - 396 : фото
Factors associated with the outcomes of children with unilateral ureteropelvic junction obstruction. - P.397 - 402 : граф.
The micturition habits and prevalence of daytime urinary incontinence in Japanese primary school children. - P.403 - 407 : табл.
Behavioral therapy for primary nocturnal enuresis. - P.408 - 410 : табл.
The adolescent varicocele: diagnostic and treatment patterns of pediatricians. A puplic health concern? . - P.411 - 413
Oligoclonality in bladder cancer: the implication for molecular therapies. - P.419 - 425
Over expression of CD44V8 - 10 in human bladder cancer cells decreases their interaction with hyaluronic acid and potentiates their malignant progression. - P.426 - 430 : граф.
Germline mutation analysis of the androgen receptor gene in Finnish patients with prostate cancer. - P.431 - 433
Pigment epithelium- derived factor, a human testis epididymis secretory product , promotes human prostate stromal cell growth in culture . - P.434 - 438 : граф.
An allograft model of androgen independent prostatic neuroendocrine carcinoma derived from a large probasin promoter - t antigen transgenic mouse line. - P.439 - 442 : фото.цв.
True, L. Editorial: Why we must better understand neuroendocrine differentiation in prostate cancer / L. True. - P.443 - 444
Central renal stab wounds: treatment with augmented fibrin sealant in a porcine model. - P.445 - 447 : фото.цв.
Sun, Y. UP - regulation of P2X3 receptor during stretch of bladder urothelial cells from patients with interstitial cystitis / Y. Sun, T.C. Chai. - P.448 - 452 : граф.
Acellular matrix tube for canine urethral replacement: Is it fact or fiction ?. - P.453 - 456 : фото
Mechanical deformation induced apoptosis in human proximal renal tubular epithelial cells is caspase dependent. - P.457 - 461 : граф.
Monocyte chemoattractant protein - 1 production by human detrusor smooth muscle cells. - P.462 - 466 : граф.
Estrogen and postnatal maturation increase caveolar number and caveolin - 1 protein in bladder smooth muscle cells. - P.467 - 471 : фото
Induction of bladder sphincter dyssynergia by k - 2 opioid receptor agonists in the female rat. - P.472 - 477 : граф.
Suppression of the detrusor - sphincter dyssynergia by immunoneutralization of nerve growth factor in lumbosacral spinal cord in spinal cord injured rats. - P.478 - 482 : граф.
Urodynamic and immunohistochemical evaluation of intravesical capsaicin delivery using thermosensitive hydrogel and liposomes. - P.483 - 489 : фото.цв.
Modulation of intrinsic cavernous tone and nitric oxide production by arginase in rabbit corpus cavernosum. - P.490 - 494 : граф.
Burnett, A. I. Immunophilin ligands promote penile neurogenesis and erection recovery after cavernous nerve injury / A.I. Burnett, R.E. Becker. - P.495 - 500 : граф.
Barqawi, A. Experimental varicocele induces testicular germ cell apoptosiss in the rat / A. Barqawi, A. Caruzo, R.B. Meacham. - P.501 - 503 : табл.
Walsh, P. C. Urological oncology: prostate cancer / P.C. Walsh. - P.506 - 545
Siegel, C. Imaging / C. Siegel. - P.518-519
Canning, D. A. Pediatric urology / D.A. Canning. - P.520-527
Smith, J. A. Diagnostic urology, urinary diversion and perioperative care / J.A. Smith. - P.528-531
Schaeffer, A. J. Infection and inflammation of genitourinary tract / A.J. Schaeffer. - P.532-537
Kaplan, S. A. Benign prostatic hyperplasia / S.A. Kaplan. - P.538-543
Wood, D. Book reviews / D. Wood, L.G. Gomella. - P.544-545
News and announcements. - P.546-547
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    True , L.
    Editorial: Why we must better understand neuroendocrine differentiation in prostate cancer [Text] / L. True // JOURNAL of UROLOGY. - 2004. - Vol.171, N1. - P443 - 444. - Bibliogr.: 18 ref.

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