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Шифр: J18/2003/169/6

JOURNAL of UROLOGY [Текст]. - New York. - Выходит ежемесячно
2003г. Vol. 169 N 6
Gillenwater, J. Y. This month in clinical urology / J.Y. Gillenwater. - P.1971-1972
Atala, A. This month in investigative urology / A. Atala. - P.1973-1974
Glas, A. S. Tumor markers in the diagnosis of primary bladder cancer. A systematic review / A.S. Glas, D. Roos, M. Deutekom et al. - P.1975--1982
Другие авторы: Roos D., Deutekom M., Zwinderman A.H., Bossuyt P.M.M., Kurth K.H.
Colquhoun, A. J. Improving and predicting radiosensitivity in muscle invasive bladder cancer / A.J. Colquhoun, G.D.D. Jones, Al M. Moneff et al. - P.1983-1992
Другие авторы: Jones G.D.D., Moneff Al M., Bowman K.J., Kockelbergh R.C., Symonds R.P., Steward W.P., Mellon J.K.
Akduman, B. The management of high risk prostate cancer / B. Akduman, E.D. Crawford. - P.1993-1998
Seftel, A. D. Erectile dysfunction in the elderly : epidemiology, etiology and approaches to treatment / A.D. Seftel. - P.1999-2007
Smith, M. R. Randomized controlled trial of zolegronic acid to prevent bone loss in men receiving androgen deprivation therapy for nonmetastatic prostate cancer / M.R. Smith, J. Eastham, D.M. Gleason. - P.2008-2012
Ali-El-Dein, B. Multiple arteries in live donor renal transplantation : surgical aspects and outcomes / B. Ali-El-Dein, Y. Osman, A,A, Shokeir A. - P.2013-2017
Perry, K. T. Quality of life, pain and return to normal activities following laparoscopic donor nephrectomy versus open mini-incision donor nephrectomy / K.T. Perry, S.J. Freedland, J.C. Hu, Phelan M.W.; Kristo B.; Gritsch A.H. - P.2018-2021
Другие авторы: Freedland S.J., Hu J.C., Phelan M.W.; Kristo B.; Gritsch A.H.
Fuller, T. F. Management of lymphoceles after renal transplantation : laparoscopic versus open drainage / T.F. Fuller, S.-M. Kang, R. Hirose, Feng S,; Stock P.G.; Freise C.E. - P.2022 - 2025
Другие авторы: Kang S.-M., Hirose R., Feng S,; Stock P.G.; Freise C.E.
Mandel, N. Conversion of calcium oxalate to calcium phosphate with recurrent stone episodes / N. Mandel, J. Mandel, K. Fryjoff, Rejniak T.; Mandel G. - P.2026 - 2029
Другие авторы: Mandel J., Fryjoff K., Rejniak T.; Mandel G.
Krishnamurthy, M. S. The urinary response to an oral oxalate load in recurrent calcium stone formers / M.S. Krishnamurthy, K.A. Hruska, P.S. Chandhoke. - P.2030- 2033
Sofer, M. Immediate closure of nephrostomy tube wounds using a tissue adhesive : a novel approach following percutaneous endourological procedures / M. Sofer, A. Greenstein, J. Chen, Nadu A.; Kaver I.; Matzkin H. - P.2034 - 2036
Другие авторы: Greenstein A., Chen J., Nadu A.; Kaver I.; Matzkin H.
Sundaram, C. P. Laparoscopic pyeloplasty for secondary ureteropelvic junction obstruction / C. P. Sundaram, R.L. Grubb, J. Rehman, Yan Yan; Chen C.; Landman J. - P.2037 - 2040
Другие авторы: Grubb R.L., Rehman J., Yan Yan; Chen C.; Landman J.
Кatz, R. A simplifield 5-step model for training laparoscopic urethrovesical anastomosis / R. Кatz, A. Nadu, L.E. Olsson. - P.2041 - 2044
Hara, I. Comparison of quality of life following laparoscopic and open prostatectomy for prostate cancer / I. Hara, G. Kawabata, H. Miyake, Nakamura I.; Hara S.; Okada H. - P.2045 - 2048
Другие авторы: Kawabata G., Miyake H., Nakamura I.; Hara S.; Okada H.
Katz, R. Positive surgical margins in laparoscopic radical prostatectomy : The impact of apical dissection, bladder neck remodeling and nerve preservation / R. Katz, L. Solomon, A. Hoznek, Taille de la A.; Antiphon P.; Abbou C.C. - P.2049 - 2052
Другие авторы: Solomon L., Hoznek A., Taille de la A.; Antiphon P.; Abbou C.C.
Ponsky, L. E. Laparoscopic radical nephrectomy : incorporating the advantages of hand assisted and standard laparoscopy / L.E. Ponsky, E.E. Cherullo, K.L.W. Banks, Greenstein M.; Streem S.B.; Klein E.A. - P.2053 - 2056
Другие авторы: Cherullo E.E., Banks K.L.W., Greenstein M.; Streem S.B.; Klein E.A.
Gomella, L. G. Editorial : Laparoscopy and urologic oncology - I now pronounce you man and wife / L.G. Gomella. - P.2057 - 2058
Simon, S. D. Mayo Clinic Scottsdale experience with laparoscopic nephron sparing surgery for renal tumors / S.D. Simon, R.G. Feerigni, D.E. Novicki, Lamm D.L.; Swanson S.S.; Andrews P.E. - P.2059 - 2062
Другие авторы: Feerigni R.G., Novicki D.E., Lamm D.L.; Swanson S.S.; Andrews P.E.
Fabrizio, M. D. Laparoscopic radical prostatectomy : Decreasing the learning curve using a mentor initiated approach / M.D. Fabrizio, I. Tuerk, P.F. Schellhammer. - P.2063 - 2065
Stolzenburg, J. - U. Endoscopic extraperitoneal radical prostatectomy : initial experience after 70 procedures / J. - U. Stolzenburg, M. Do, R. Rabenalt, Pfeiffer H.; Horn L.; Truss M.C. - P.2066 - 2071
Другие авторы: Do M., Rabenalt R., Pfeiffer H.; Horn L.; Truss M.C.
Rassweiler, J. Oncological safety of laparoscopic surgery for urological malignancy : experience with more than 1,000 operations / J. Rassweiler, A. Tsivian, A.V.R. Kumar, Lymberakis C. - P.2072 - 2075
Другие авторы: Tsivian A., Kumar A.V.R., Lymberakis C.
Pantuck, A. J. Renal cell carcinoma with retroperitoneal lymph nodes : role of lymph node dissection / A.J. Pantuck, A. Zisman, F. Dorey, Chao D.H.; Han K.; Said J. - P.2076 - 2083
Другие авторы: Zisman A., Dorey F., Chao D.H.; Han K.; Said J.
Ellerhorst, J. A. Heterozygosity homozygosity for 2 HLA class II haplotypes predict favorable outcomes for renal cell carcinoma treated with cytokine therapy / J.A. Ellerhorst, W.H. Hildebrand, J.W. Cavett. - P.2084 - 2088
Ashida, S. Molecular detection of von Hippel-Lindau gene mutations in urine and lymph node samples in patients with renal cell carcinoma : potential biomarkers for early diagnosis and postoperative metastatic status / S. Ashida, M. Furihata, M. Tanimura, Sugita O. - P.2089-2093
Другие авторы: Furihata M., Tanimura M., Sugita O.
Cheng, L. Immunocytochemical analysis of prostate stem cell antigen as an adjunct marker for the detection of urothelial transitional cell carcinoma in voided urine specimens / L. Cheng, R.E. Reiter, Y. Jin, Sharon H.; Wieder J.; Lane T.E. - P.2094-2100
Другие авторы: Reiter R.E., Jin Y., Sharon H.; Wieder J.; Lane T.E.
Skacel, M. Multitarget fluorescence in situ hybridization assay detects transitional cell carcinoma in the majority of patients with bladder cancer abd atypical or negative urine cytology / M. Skacel, M. Fahmy, J.A. Brainard, Pettay J.D.; BiscottiC.V.; Liou L.S. - P.2101-2105
Другие авторы: Fahmy M., Brainard J.A., Pettay J.D.; BiscottiC.V.; Liou L.S.
Borhan, A. Grade progression and regression in recurrent urothelial cancer / A. Borhan, J.E. Reeder, M.J. O'Connell, Wright K.O.; Wheeless L.; Sant'Agnese di P.A. - P.2106-2109
Другие авторы: Reeder J.E., O'Connell M.J., Wright K.O.; Wheeless L.; Sant'Agnese di P.A.
Peyromaure, M. Intravesical bacillus Calmette-Guerin therapy for stage T1 grade 3 transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder : recurrence ,progression and survival in a study of 57 patients / M. Peyromaure, F. Guerin, D. Amsellem-Ouazana, Saighi D.; Debre B.; Zerbib M. - P.2110-2112
Другие авторы: Guerin F., Amsellem-Ouazana D., Saighi D.; Debre B.; Zerbib M.
Sweeney, P. Is there a therapeutic role for post-chemotherapy retroperitoneal lymph node dissection in metastatic transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder ? / P. Sweeney, R. Millikan, M. Donat, Wood C. - P.2113-2116
Другие авторы: Millikan R., Donat M., Wood C.
Windahl, Е. Combined laser treatment for penile carcinoma : results after long-term followup / Е. Windahl, S.-O. Andersson. - P.2118-2121
Holzbeierlein, J. M. Histology and clinical outcomes in patients with bilateral testicular germ cell tumors : the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center experience 1950 to 2001 / J.M. Holzbeierlein, P.C. Sogani, J. SheinFeld. - P.2122-2125
Mosharafa, A. A. Is post-chemotherapy resection of seminomatouselements associated with higher acute morbidity ? / A.A. Mosharafa, R.S. Foster, B.C. Leibovich, Binrle R.; Johnson C.; Donohue J.P. - P.2126-2128
Другие авторы: Foster R.S., Leibovich B.C., Binrle R.; Johnson C.; Donohue J.P.
Freedland, S. J. Improved clinical staging system combining biopsy laterality and TNM atage for men with T1C and T2 prostate cancer : results from the search database / S.J. Freedland, J.C. Presti, M.K. Terris, Kane C.J.; Aronson W.J.; Dorey F. - P.2129-2135
Другие авторы: Presti J.C., Terris M.K., Kane C.J.; Aronson W.J.; Dorey F.
Freedland, S. J. Percent of prostate needle biopsy cores with cancer is a significant independent predictor of prostate specific antigen recurrence following radical prostatectomy : results from the search database / S.J. Freedland, W.J. Aronson, M.K. Terris. - P.2136-2141
Freedland, S.J. Should a positive surgical margin following radical prostatectomy be pathological stage T2 or T3 ? Results from the search database / S.J. Freedland, W.J. Aronson, J.C. Presti. - P.2142-2146
Shan, O. The New York university nerve sparing algorihtm decreases the rate of positive surgical margins following radical retropubic prostatectomy / O. Shan, D.A. Robbins, J. Melamed, Lepor H. - P.2147-2152
Другие авторы: Robbins D.A., Melamed J., Lepor H.
Horwitz, E. M. Modifying the American Society for therapeutic radiology and oncology definition of biochemical failure to minimize the influence of backdating in patients with prostate cancer treated with 3-dimensional conformal radiation therapy alone / E.M. Horwitz, R.G. Uzzo, AQ.L. Hanlon, Greenberg R.E.; Hanks G.E.; Pollack A. - P.2153-2159
Другие авторы: Uzzo R.G., Hanlon AQ.L., Greenberg R.E.; Hanks G.E.; Pollack A.
Rosser, C. J. Hazard rates of disease progression after external beam radiotherapy for clinically localized carcinoma of the prostate / C.J. Rosser, L.B. Levy, D.A. Kuban, Chichakli R.; Pollack A.; Lee A. - P.2160-2165
Другие авторы: Levy L.B., Kuban D.A., Chichakli R.; Pollack A.; Lee A.
Gontero, P. Is there an optimal time for intracavernoous prostaglandin E1 rehabilitation following nonnerve sparing radical prostatectomy ? Results from a hemodynamic prospective study / P. Gontero, F. Fontana, A, Bagnasacco A, Panella M. - P.2166-2169
Другие авторы: Fontana F., Bagnasacco A,, Panella M.
Koch, M. O. Early catheter removal after radical retropubic prostatectomy : long-term followup / M.O. Koch, A.N. Nayee, J. Sloan, Gardner T. - P.2170-2172
Другие авторы: Nayee A.N., Sloan J., Gardner T.
Shenfeld, O. Z. The incidence and causes of erectille dysfunction after pelvic fractures associated with posterior urethral disruption / O.Z. Shenfeld, D. Kiselgorf, O.N. Gofrit, Verstandig A.G. - P.2173-2176
Другие авторы: Kiselgorf D., Gofrit O.N., Verstandig A.G.
Kehinde, E. O. The significance of measuring the time course of serum malondialdehyde concentration in patients with torsion of the testis / E.O. Kehinde, O.A. Mojiminiyi, A.H. Mahmoud, Al-Awadi K.A. - P.2177-2180
Другие авторы: Mojiminiyi O.A., Mahmoud A.H., Al-Awadi K.A.
Zommick, J. N. Continent lower urinary tract reconstruction in the cervical spinal cord injured population / J.N. Zommick, A.R. Simoneau, D.G. Skinner, Ginsberg D.A. - P.2184-2187
Другие авторы: Simoneau A.R., Skinner D.G., Ginsberg D.A.
Culkin, D. J. Urethrorectal fistula : transanal, transsphincteric approach with locally based pedicle interposition flaps / D.J. Culkin, C.E. Ramsey. - P.2181-2183
Lee, K. S. Hautmann and Studer orthoootopic neobladders : A contemporary experience / K.S. Lee, J.E. Montie, R.L. Dunn, Lee C.T. - P.2188-2191
Другие авторы: Montie J.E., Dunn R.L., Lee C.T.
El-Bahnasawy, M. S. Enterocystometry : Impact of filling rate / M.S. El-Bahnasawy, H.S. Shaaban. - P.2192-2195
Wood, D. P. Incidence and significance of positive urine cultures in patients with an orthotopic neobladder / D.P. Wood, F.J. Bianco, J.E. Pontes, Heath M.A.; daJusta D. - P.2196-2199
Другие авторы: Bianco F.J., Pontes J.E., Heath M.A.; daJusta D.
Corman, J. M. Treatment of radiation induced hemorrhagic cystitis with hyperbaric oxygen / J.M. Corman, D. McClure, R. Pritchett, Kozlowski P.; Hampson N.B. - P.2200-2202
Другие авторы: McClure D., Pritchett R., Kozlowski P.; Hampson N.B.
Kamura, K. Bullous lesion in the prostatic urethra : Morphological change caused by putative chlamydial infection / K. Kamura, T. Nishimura, T. Okamoto, Noguchi M.; Hamaguchi K. - P.2203-2205
Другие авторы: Nishimura T., Okamoto T., Noguchi M.; Hamaguchi K.
Karpman, E. Penile callciphylaxis : analysis of risk factors and mortality / E. Karpman, S. Das, E.A. Kurzrock. - P.2206-2209
Amarenco, G. Urodynamic effect of acute transcutaneous posterior tibial nerve stimulation in overactive bladder / G. Amarenco, S.S. Ismael, A. Even-Schneider, Paibaut P. - P.2210-2215
Другие авторы: Ismael S.S., Even-Schneider A., Paibaut P.
Laessoe, L. Effects of ejaculation by penile vibratory stimulation on bladder capacity in men with spinal cord lesions / L. Laessoe, J. Sonksen, P. Bagi, Biering-Sorensen F. - P.2216-2219
Другие авторы: Sonksen J., Bagi P., Biering-Sorensen F.
Dahm, P. A Longitudinal assessment of bowel related symptoms and fecal incontinence following radical perineal prostatectomy / P. Dahm, A.D. Silverstein, A.Z. Weizer, Young M.D. - P.2220-2224
Другие авторы: Silverstein A.D., Weizer A.Z., Young M.D.
Nelson, C. P. Intraoperative nerve stimulation with measurement of urethral sphincter pressure changes during radical retropubic prostatectomy : a feasibility study / C.P. Nelson, J.E. Montie, E.J. McGuire, Wedemeyer G. - P.2225-2228
Другие авторы: Montie J.E., McGuire E.J., Wedemeyer G.
Tamanini, J. T.N. Macroplastique implantation system for the treatment of female stress urinary incontinence / J.T.N. Tamanini, C.A.L. D'Ancona, V. Tadini, Netto N.R. - P.2229-2233
Другие авторы: D'Ancona C.A.L., Tadini V., Netto N.R.
Miller, E. A. Preoperative urodynamic evaluation may predict voiding dysfunction in women undergoing pubovaginal sling / E.A. Miller, C.L. Amundsen, K.L. Ton, Flynn B.J. - P.2234-2237
Другие авторы: Amundsen C.L., Ton K.L., Flynn B.J.
Croak, A. J. Transvaginal tape lysis for urinary obstruction after tension-free vaginal tape placement / A.J. Croak, V. Schulte, S. Peron, Klingele C.; Gebhart J.; Lee R. - P.2238-2241
Другие авторы: Schulte V., Peron S., Klingele C.; Gebhart J.; Lee R.
Kobashi, K. C. Management of vaginal erosion of polypropylene mesh slings / K.C. Kobashi, F.E. Govier. - P.2242-2243
Tsivian, A. Bone anchor 4-corner cystourethropexy : long-term results / A. Tsivian, A. Shtricker, S. Levin, Sidi A. - P.2244-2245
Другие авторы: Shtricker A., Levin S., Sidi A.
Flisser, A. J. Outcome of urethral reconstructive surgery in a series of 74 women / A.J. Flisser, J.G. Blaivas. - P.2246-2249
Kolettis, P. N. Pregnancy outcomes after vasectomy reversal for female partners 35 years old or older / P.N. Kolettis, E.S. Sabanegh, J.G. Nalesnik, D'Amico A.M. - P.2250-2252
Другие авторы: Sabanegh E.S., Nalesnik J.G., D'Amico A.M.
Athanasopoulos, A. Combination treatment with an alpha-blocker plus an anticholinergic for bladder outlet obstruction : A prospective, randomized, controlled study / A. Athanasopoulos, K. Gyftopoulos, K. Giannitsas, Fisfis J. - P.2253-2256
Другие авторы: Gyftopoulos K., Giannitsas K., Fisfis J.
Vallancien, G. Sexual dysfunction in 1,274 European men suffering from lower urinary tract symptoms / G. Vallancien, M. Emberton, N. Harving, Jeroen R. - P.2257-2261
Другие авторы: Emberton M., Harving N., Jeroen R.
Bodie, J. Laboratory evaluations of erectile dysfunction : An evidence based approach / J. Bodie, J. Lewis, D. Schow, Monga M. - P.2262-2264
Другие авторы: Lewis J., Schow D., Monga M.
Lue, T. F. Editorial : Male sexual desfunction - How little do we know ? / T.F. Lue. - P.2265
Bleustein, C. B. Quantitative somatosensory testing of the penis : optimizing the clinical neurological examination / C.B. Bleustein, H. Eckholdt, J.C. Arezzo, Melman A. - P.2266-2269
Другие авторы: Eckholdt H., Arezzo J.C., Melman A.
Sasso, F. Blood gas changes in the corpora cavernosa : Metabolic and histomorphometric implications in the patient with erectile dysfunction / F. Sasso, R. Falabella, G. Gentile, Servello C.; Gulilo G. - P.2270-2274
Другие авторы: Falabella R., Gentile G., Servello C.; Gulilo G.
Fisch, H. The influence of paternal age on down syndrome / H. Fisch, G. Hyun, R. Golden, Hensle T.W.; Olsson C.A.; Liberson G.L. - P.2275-2278
Другие авторы: Hyun G., Golden R., Hensle T.W.; Olsson C.A.; Liberson G.L.
Hu, J.C. Regret in men treated for localized prostate cancer / Hu J.C. , L. Kwan, C.S. Saigal, Litwin M.S. - P.2279-2283
Другие авторы: Kwan L., Saigal C.S., Litwin M.S.
, Thomas M.A. Management of obliterated urinary segments using a laser fiber for access / Thomas, A.M. Ong, P.A. Pinto, Rha K.H.; Jarrett T.W. ; Thomas, A.M. Ong, P.A. Pinto, Rha K.H.; Jarrett T.W. - P.2284-2286
Другие авторы: Ong A.M., Pinto P.A., Rha K.H.; Jarrett T.W.
User, H. M. Novel technique of renal entrapment for morcellation / H.M. User, R.B. Nadler. - P.2287-2288
Menon, M. Vattikuti Institute prostatectomy : technique / M. Menon, A. Tewari, J. Peabody. - P.2289-2292
Yu, G. The nutcracker syndrome / G. Yu, S. Bo. - P.2293-2294
Gerber, E. Laparoscopic distal ureterectomy for low grade transitional cell carcinoma / E. Gerber, C.Z. Dinlenc, J.R. Wagner. - P.2295
Wieder, J. A. Renal cell carcinoma with tumor thrombus extension into the proximal pulmonary artery / J.A. Wieder, H. Laks, D. Freitas, Marmureanu A.; Belldegrun A. - P.2296-2297
Другие авторы: Laks H., Freitas D., Marmureanu A.; Belldegrun A.
Braeckman, J. Unusual mass of the spermatic cord / J. Braeckman, Van P. Tichelen, G. Dervaus. - P.2298
Gomelsky, A. Incisional bladder hernia after rectus fascial sling / A. Gomelsky, R.R. Smochowski. - P.2299
Stember, D. S. Vaginal granulation tissue secondary to bone anchors : experience in two patients / D.S. Stember, H.M. Scarpeto, V.W. Nitti. - P.2300-2301
Dodds, P. R. Priapism following ingestion of tamsulosin / P.R. Dodds, S.J. Batter, S.R. Serels. - P.2302
Dewan, P. Letters to the editor : Re : Outcome of endoscopic treatment for vesicoureteral reflux in children using polydimethylsiloxane / P. Dewan. - P.2303
Walther, M. M. Letters to the editor : Re : Chromophobe renal cell carcinoma in patient with Birt-Hogg-Dube syndrome / M.M. Walther, R.L. Grubb. - P.2303
Pruthi, R. S. Effect of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents and finasteride on prostate cancer rick. / R.S. Pruthi, J.E. Derksen, K. Gaston. - P.2004
Yashi, M. Chromogranin A concentration as serum marker to predict prodnosis after endocrine therapy for prostate cancer / M. Yashi, A. Tokue. - P.2305
Horenblas, S. Letters to the editor : Re : Lymphatic mapping and gamma probe guided laparoscopic biopsy of sentinel lymph node in patients with clinical stage I testicular tumor / S. Horenblas. - P.2305
Zucker, K. J. Letters to the editor : Re : Androgen imprinting of brain in animal models and humans with intersex disorders : Review and recommendations / K.J. Zucker. - P.2306
Weiser, A. C. The role of gadolinium enhanced magnetic resonance imaging for children with suspected acute pyelonephritis / A.C. Weiser, S.A. Amukele, J.C. Leonidas, Palmer L.S. - P.2308-2311
Другие авторы: Amukele S.A., Leonidas J.C., Palmer L.S.
Pham-Huy, A. Measuring glomerular filtration rate with cystatin C and beta-trace protein in children with spina bifida / A. Pham-Huy, M. Leonard, N. Lepage, Halton J.; Filler G. - P.2312-2315
Другие авторы: Leonard M., Lepage N., Halton J.; Filler G.
Hafez, A. T. Aerosol transfer of bladder urothelial and smooth muscle cells onto demucosalized colonic segments : A pilot study / A.T. Hafez, D.J. Bagli, A. Bahoric, Aitken K. - P.2316-2320
Другие авторы: Bagli D.J., Bahoric A., Aitken K.
Weiser, A. C. Modified cecal flap neoappendix for the Malone antegrade continence enema procedure : A novel technique / A.C. Weiser, J.A. Stock, M.K. Hanna. - P.2321-2324
Emir, L. Mathieu urethroplasty as a salvage procedure : 20-year experience / L. Emir, D. Erol. - P.2325-2327
Miller, O. F. Prospective evaluation of human chorionic gonadotropin in the differentiation of undescended testes from retractile testes / O.F. Miller, J.A. Stock, B.G. Cilento, McAleer I.M.; Kaplan G.W. - P.2328-2331
Другие авторы: Stock J.A., Cilento B.G., McAleer I.M.; Kaplan G.W.
Blalock, H. J. Outpatient management of phimosis following newborn circumcision / H.J. Blalock, V. Vemulakonda, M.L. Ritchey, Ribbeck M. - P.2332-2334
Другие авторы: Vemulakonda V., Ritchey M.L., Ribbeck M.
Lama, G. Pelviureteral junction obstruction : correlation of renal cell apoptosis and differential renal function / G. Lama, F. Ferraraccio, F. Iaccarino, Luongo I. - P.2335-2338
Другие авторы: Ferraraccio F., Iaccarino F., Luongo I.
Rubenstein, J. N. The pic cystogram : A novel approach to identify "Occult" vesicoureteral reflux in children with febrile urinary tract infections / J.N. Rubenstein, M. Maizels, S.C. Kim, Houston T.B. - P.2339-2343
Другие авторы: Maizels M., Kim S.C., Houston T.B.
Venhola, M. Interobserver and intra-observer agreement in interpreting urodynamic measurements in children / M. Venhola, M. Reunanen, S. Taskinen, Lahdes-Vasama ; Uhari M. - P.2344-2346
Другие авторы: Reunanen M., Taskinen S., Lahdes-Vasama ; Uhari M.
CME Enrollment form and questionnaire . - P.2348-2351
Pruthi, R. S. Cyclooxygenase-2 as a potential target in the prevention and treatment of genitourinary tumors : A review / R.S. Pruthi, E. Derksen, K. Gaston. - P.2352-2359
Cherullo, E. E. Laparoscopic ureterocallicostomy : A feasibility study / E.E. Cherullo, I.S. Gill, L.E. Ponsky, Banks K.L.W.; Desai M.M.; Kaouk J.H. - P.2360-2364
Другие авторы: Gill I.S., Ponsky L.E., Banks K.L.W.; Desai M.M.; Kaouk J.H.
Deguchi, M. DNA mismatch repair genes in renal cell carcinoma / M. Deguchi, H. Shiina, M. Igawa, Kaneuchi M. - P.2365-2371
Другие авторы: Shiina H., Igawa M., Kaneuchi M.
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Index, Volume 169. - P.2455-2504
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    Laboratory evaluations of erectile dysfunction : An evidence based approach [Text] / J. Bodie, J. Lewis, D. Schow, Monga M. // JOURNAL of UROLOGY. - 2003. - Vol.169, N6. - P2262-2264. - Bibliogr.: 14 ref.

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Bodie, J.; Lewis, J.; Schow, D.

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